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Keyboarding is 50% of your grade in Technology.  Students will be graded on their successful completion of Typing Agent's "Training" and "Testing" sections and other non-hands on typing assessments. Typing Agent is a keyboarding program that teaches students touch typing via the “homerow” method. In order to receive credit for Typing Agent keyboarding assignments, students must use the keyboard cover and the "homerow method."  Additionally, there will be classroom activities and quizzes to supplement our keyboarding endeavors.  NEW in 2015: Typing Agent is an internet based program and therefore students are able to work from home. NOTE: ONLY work completed is class will be used for grading purposes. Students who choose to gain extra practice at home MUST use the homerow method with their hands on homerow.

Students often argue that they can type faster using their own method.  The purpose of this class is to learn to touch type correctly This means that students are learning to type the keys with the correct finger without looking.  Each lesson of the Typing Agent program has multiple steps.  ALL steps of the lessons except the last one shows a keyboard on the monitor and shows the student which finger to press on which key.  The Tests are a 1 minute timed test that may be repeated an infinite amount of times, though I do not recommend this strategy.  However, if a student is having a difficult time passing the Tests, I do recommend repeating lesson(s) SLOWLY as students often rush through in a hurry to finish as opposed to taking the time to absorb their learning.

Students who do not use homerow and/or the keyboard cover will recieve a grade of zero for both Lessons and Tests.  As I explain to each class, if you are typing CORRECTLY, though your accuracy and speed may be less than a C, you WILL earn 65 points…. which is a lot more than 0.  Learning to touch type correctly is a life skill that will serve them well regardless of the vocation they choose.

Typing Agent requires a minimum of 80% accuracy in order to register theTraining and Tests. 

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