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Patience – to show self-control or impulse control.

A habit must be developed by responding from our principles rather than urges in order for us to be effective leaders. In short, we must get our impulses under control. We must get the head (values) in charge of the heart (emotions). Patience and self-control are about being consistent and predictable in mood and actions. Are you a safe person? Easy to be with? Approachable? Can you handle contrary opinion? Criticism? Acting out on anger and passion and violating the rights of others is inappropriate and damages relationships. Patience and self-control are choices.

Quotes on Patience

*** Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.  - John Quincy Adams

*** Patience is the companion of wisdom.  – St. Augustine

*** One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.  – Chinese Proverb

*** We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.  – Helen Keller

*** How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, package cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?  - Paul Sweeney

*** Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Be still and allow the mud to settle.  – Lao Tzu

*** If you add a little to a little, and then do it again, soon that little shall be much.  – Hesiod

*** Beware the fury of a patient man.  – John Dryden

*** Patience makes lighter what sorrow may not heal.  – Horace

*** Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.  – Moliere

*** He that can have patience can have what he will.  – Benjamin Franklin

*** If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.  – Chinese Proverb

*** Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do the difficult things easily.  – Johann Friedrich von Schiller

*** Patience and fortitude conquer all things.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson