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My name is Ann Hofmann and I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade technology and I am the ASB/Leadership Advisor.  Around Skyridge, I am known as the Queen of Recycling, (though I prefer Princess!)  I helped initiate a program at the end of my first year that has significantly decreased our daily output of trash to the landfill – from 65 bags a day to less than 15!

I am an ’04 graduate of Washington State University’s Masters in Teaching program (Vancouver, WA) and earned my undergraduate degree in Biology from Western Washington University.  I also completed my "ProCert" through Washington State University-Vancouver in 2009.

I am a Northwest native having grown up on Orcas Island where my parents and brother (EAT FISH!) and family still live.  My father was a park ranger - we lived in Moran State Park in a log cabin until I graduated highschool. I have lived in Washougal for over ten years - I really enjoy the small town feel of the Camas-Washougal area.  In fact, I live in a log cabin east of Washougal with a loveable and goofy black lab named Ebbie, a Chi-mix named Austin, and a cat named [insert really great name here because I just call him kitty kitty!!!] to keep me company.  I also volunteer as a dog-foster-mommy at MCAS in Troutdale --- you can see some pictures of my foster dogs in the Photo Gallery

One of the most interesting facts about me is that I played full contact women’s football for The Portland Shockwave.  After seven years, my body told me that it was time for this lineman to retire!  I coached middle schoolfootball in Washougal for five years as well.  My newphew played for Pacific Lutheran University and I was able to see most of his 2011 and 2012 games. My neice is now playing for Western Washington University's club Volleyball --- which I plan on seeing as many matches as possible!

I enjoy spending time with my family, working on my house, fostering shelter dogs, working out, swimming, and I love my job.