7th Grade


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Your goal is to learn technology vocabulary through a variety of activities such as lessons in
 Excel, Word and PowerPoint, worksheets, jeopardy, quizzes, other activities, and use in discussions.


Match vocabulary word with its definition.
Demonstrate basic understanding of vocabulary words by correctly using it in a sentence.
Create original works in both a spreadsheet and word processing program.

(3) Vocab - List C

Software The instructions that tell a computer what to do. See Application.
Program A set of instructions describing operations for a computer to perform to accomplish a task. See Application.
Application A computer or software program, activated by a user that can perform a specific function or functions.
Hardware Physical equipment, components or devices.
Hard Drive The primary storage device for a computer. Also called hard disk. It is where applications and files are stored.
Document Any self-contained piece of work created using an application program.
Spreadsheet Application program that manipulates numerical and string data in rows and columns of cells.
Word Processing An application that allows a user to create, edit and format text.
Database A collection or listing of information, usually organized with searchable elements or fields. For example, a library catalog can be searched by author, title or subject
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