7th Grade


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Match vocabulary word with its definition.
Demonstrate basic understanding of vocabulary words by correctly using it in a sentence.
Demonstrate understanding of vocabulary words by physically utilizing the function or device.


(4) Vocab - List B

Keyboard The main input device for computers. Keyboards are modeled on typewriter keys but have additional keys that enhance their function.
Enter Key A key located at the right end of the third row from the bottom on a QWERTY keyboard. Pressing the enter key performs a typed or highlighted command. In a word processing program, the enter key starts a new paragraph.
Shortcut Keys The keys or key combinations that provide quick access to frequently performed commands or operations.
Paste A command that transfers text or graphics from the clipboard to the document at the location of the cursor.
Clip Art Graphics that can be cut and pasted electronically into documents. Clip art can be photographs, maps, diagrams, illustrations or cartoons.
Desktop The background area on a computer screen which usually contains an icon for the hard drive and trash can (used to remove files). Folders, files, applications and a working document may also appear on the desktop window.
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