6th Grade WORD

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1. Explain the basic use of Word.
2. Identify basic screen elements ("real estate") of Word.
3. Demonstrate basic navigation and editing skills.
Page color Alpha order Strikethrough Bullet points
Page border Bold Highlight color Numbering
Margins (Customize) Underline Spacing Backspace
Delete Italics Align text Shift + Arrow
Font color Font size Font syle  
4. Insert, select, deselect, format, order, add text and reposition Shapes.
5. Practice correct keyboarding skills using the homerow method.
6. Name and Save document to correct location in Student Sharing.


Target #



1 Word is a word-processing program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite ("family"); it is generally used to create electronic documents (such as letters and reports). Documents can be formatted, edited, saved, printed, moved and deleted. Click here for Assessment

(a) Click here to practice identifying screen elements - 1
(b) Click here to practice identifying screen elements - 2
(c) Click here to practice identifying screen elements - 3

3 In-class practice. (Use Home, Insert and Page Layout Tabs)

Use all four of the FILL EFFECTS (gradient, texture, pattern, picture)
Use at least two different LINE COLORS
Use at least two different LINE STYLES (OR DASHED)

5 Type words and phrases from current and previous sections of UltraKey using the homerow method.  

a. Click on the File tab (in the upper left corner.)
b. Click on Save As (near the top of the list in the left panel.)
c. Point with your finger to the "File name" field in the Save As dialog box.
d. Click once in the field (notice that the entire name is selected! No need to backspace!)
e. Type in your first name and last name; NO spaces, no exclamation marks, NOTHING other than your first and last name.
f. Point with your finger to the "Save in" field. Take note of the default location (probably "My Documents.")

CHECK with teacher for navigation instructions from here (this changes from year to year.)
The final saving place will be in Student Sharing\Class Folder\Folder TBA