6th Grade EXCEL

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1. Explain the basic uses of Excel.
2. Identify basic screen elements ("real estate") of Excel.
3. Demonstrate basic navigation and spreadsheet modification skills.
4. Demonstrate use of the "auto sum" button.
5. Insert data from class (show of hands) survey.
6. Insert graph or chart to represent survey results.
7. Summarize results in sentence format.


Target #



1 Excel is an electronic spreadhsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. Excel is part of the Microsft Office Suite or Family. Excel is often used to create budgets or balance checkbooks. Excel is also used for data storage and sorting. Miss Hofmann says, "number crunching and data tracking." Click here for Assessment
2, 3 Click HERE for Excel Real Estate PRACTICE – 1
Click HERE for Excel Real Estate PRACTICE – 2
Excel Assessment – 1, click HERE
Excel Assessment – 2, click HERE Excel Assessment3, click HERE
4 a. input data
b. select data
c. click on "auto sum" button in upper right corner (in the editing panel)
5,6,7 Click here to view a sample survey with graph and results in sentence format.